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    Just an update, Xplode Pro 4.51 works fine even with the ATI card. The Xplode Config window has a problem. When you go into the 3D Renderer window, choose ATI or nVidia. Then hit the Config button. You will not get any popups and it seems that it's frozen...all you have to do is just hit ESC (Escape) ONCE and your renderer window will pop up.
    This happens because there is a new popup that comes up and it hides behind the Xplode config window..

    You can also avoid the above the first time. When you start Xplode Config, just move the window all the way to the left side of your monitor. Hit config under 3d Renderer, an empty box will pop up. Hit ok, then the renderer will come up, and you're good to go.

    Now the custom overscan settings doesn't crash the alpha effects, nice!