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  • Best, edius > after effects 7 > edius, workflow with video footage

    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to know what peoples work flows are for exporting footage from edius, working on it in AE7 then exporting back into edius with no quality loss and usability.

    At the moment I think my process is abit unauthordox and harddrive space is suffering.

    this is my process:

    I set in and out point on the clip i want to export and then go to - Render > Rendering

    then I locate the file in the rendered folder and import that into AE7

    Then do my work in AE7 then to export i go to - Compostion > Make Movie > Render at best quality (uncompressed)

    After that I bring the file back into Edius. I'm not sure if i'm lossing quality by this process.

    The problem is I can t even play the files in edius or make a change without haveing to render the clip on the timeline. do i loose quality when i render in Edius?

    Any help will be appricated.


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    This is my workflow and there is no quality loss, no need for render when you go back to Edius and not as much disk space used.


    1. Set default exporter in Edius to Canopus HQ AVI. Assign SHIFT-F12 to default output.

    2. In After Effects, create user output settings for _CANOPUS HQ (can't remember the exact settings). The fact that the file name begins with _ means it will appear top of the list. I think the output settings will default to these.


    1. Select In and Out point in Edius. Press SHIFT-F12. You will be prompted to specify a file name for the AVI. The default location is the last location you exported to. For each project, I have a folder caller Modified Video into which I always export. So this step only involves specifying a file name.

    2. In AE7, press CTRL-I. The last import locate is automatically opened. Select the clip from Modified Video folder.

    3. In AE7 press CTRL-N and specify composition details. Do you work on the clip.

    4. In AE7, press CTRL-M to add to render queue. Select the _CANOPUS HQ settings you already set up and specify an output file and name.

    5. Click Rendor. Take the dog for a walk.

    6. In Edius, click Open in the bin window and import clip.

    You wont have to render the clip in Edius. The above seems quite long when you read it, but apart chasing the dog around the park when he get's off his lead, it's quite fast.

    I will post my settings for the _CANOPUS HQ in AE7 when I get back to my editing station this evening.

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      Thanks martin, will try that!


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        I do the same as Martin and create an HQ output preset in AE...remember HQ will do alpha and you can set the quality as high as you want but I find even the default is very good for my takes a horse of a machine to plow through uncompressed since it needs big time drive throughput.


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          I can't see HQ format in AfterEffects. I see 20 options or so but no HQ.
          Is this because I installed the Edius 4.5 program first and AE second? Does it matter? Should I uninstall Edius and reinstall?


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            Originally posted by JimJulian View Post
            I can't see HQ format in AfterEffects. I see 20 options or so but no HQ.
            Is this because I installed the Edius 4.5 program first and AE second? Does it matter? Should I uninstall Edius and reinstall?


            Just reinstall AE and see what happens. I had to do it and it took it the second time around.
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              Also make sure your composition is the same as your edius project settings, i.e. Pixel aspect ratio, frame rate and frame size.
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                Edius and AE...AAF?

                ...I am not really sure how this workflow is working, but in theory it should be great: as Edius added the AAF export/import, it should be possible to export the AAF from Edius (when editing finished) and open the AAF file in AE.
                This way it should be possible to keep all the indivdual clips/edits (like it worked in the good old days when i edited in Premiere and imported the final Prem.-project into AE) and that would give you a perfect base to CC/compose the edit in AE.
                (In the end you would render and reimport the finalized HQ-clip into Edius..if you still need to work on it..)

                Okey, thats theory and then comes reality: i havent been able to test AAF import/export with Edius and AE, but from what i saw it either didnt really work, or i simply didnt get how its supposed to work..!

                As i am mostly working with panasonics P2 files, i dont have many wys to test it with AE, but this will hopefully change when Adobe makes native P2 available in AE in the (near??Like they will patch it in October for premiere!!) fututre..!!?
                I hope that AAF will work fine at that point..!
                Anybody tried tests with AAF and AE??Are there any changes with the 4.52 and AAF??
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