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Title Motion Pro crashes with Edius 4.52

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  • Title Motion Pro crashes with Edius 4.52

    We did post some problems we have some of us with Title Motion Pro that crashes everytime with the √ędius 4.52 update.
    Is there any solution for it? Why there is no followup?
    Every time I want to use TMP edius 4.52 crasches!!!!
    Is there any workaround????
    Can somebody answer PLEASE!!!!

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    Does Edius crash when you open TMP or does it crash when you exit and save?

    If crashes when you exit and save TRY SAVE AS give a name and save to disk then import it in to Edius project

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      Originally posted by Imagine Video View Post
      Does Edius crash when you open TMP or does it crash when you exit and save?

      If crashes when you exit and save TRY SAVE AS give a name and save to disk then import it in to Edius project

      I did that too and it's still crashing (I want tu use roll). Thanks


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        Titlemotion Pro crashes for me too. Tried the save option and everything looks fine until I come to play it back. Then Edius just vanishes from screen and has to be reloaded.
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          There is a issue with Tmpro in EDIUS.
          Rolls and crawls will make EDIUS crash to desktop. (these are reported issues and are being worked on)

          For now if you want rolls and crawls in your project it is adviced to use Quick titler.

          You can use tmpro for you lower third and such.

          Note: This has been reported in other threads Crash on rolls and crawls.
          Crash doesn't happen when designing and uisng lowerthirds or graphics

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            I've upgraded to 4.52 and things were good for a few days and now I'm getting the title motion crashes. It's been a real chore to get work done today. What do I have to do to get back to 4.03? I may stay there for a while. I brought in some animations that I use regularly and they even crashed.

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              to get back to 4.03 is not simple but worth every minute

              you must remove everything Edius/Canopus in Control panel Add/Remove and including the HX-E1 driver if using hardware

              also, in Program files, Common Files, find Canopus Shared and clear its contents after uninstalling everything Edius/Canopus

              then reboot and empty temp folder

              then install Edius 4 and reboot

              empty temp folder

              apply 4.03 update and reboot
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