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  • After Effects 7 to Edius 3.61


    Every time i create an animation with graphic objects on After Effects and i send them (exported with canopus lossless codec) to Edius i have a flickering problem that i can't find solution.

    I tried to use the Anti Flicker filter with different values and i can't get a perfect movement of the objects.

    The project in AE is with the same Timecode base as it is in Edius.

    Does anyone knows a solution to this problem?


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    Have you checked for consistant field order? make sure that AE is producing Canopus HQ files or lossless with upper field first, and that field render is on ( this information is in the render settings dialogue - Edit, Templates, render Settings.

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      I make lots of animations all the time in AE, for use in video productions and have had no trouble with them in Edius other than it's Quick Time issue where they lose constrast and colour, I see very smooth movement, but having said that I never use fields, always make them progressive.

      It's important to check the animation's properties when imported into Edius to match Prog, upper or lower as the case may be and if you want to examine a single frame here and there by pausing, it's crucially important to set "View > Pause Field" to frame, even or odd accordingly otherwise thin 1 pixel lines in the preview will appear broken.

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        Thank you both for the precious help. I've got a much better result now, however it is not perfect yet. I have a little flicker in the pictures with faster movement.

        I opened the images in Photoshop and applyed the Video Filter De-interlace and removed the odd field and then i replaced the images in After Effects and exported again. Once opened in
        Edius, i notice some small flicker but it has some. Can you suggest me another option to remove this flicker, because i tried again the anti-Flicker filter with no positive results.



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          Another thing you might want to check if your colors and levels are legal.
          It often happen that when we get stuff from designers every this is illegal.
          When putting that on the timesline we all sorts of problem but when we legalize levels and color the animations look good.

          It is worth looking at.

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