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write to "flash video" -option disappeared

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  • write to "flash video" -option disappeared


    I've been using Edius Pro 4 for a short period of time.

    Being able to write directly to .flv from edius has saved me a lot of time on some web-based projects. But recently, I guess after installing Flash CS3, the "flash video" option disappeared from the list of available file formats in "write to file" in edius.

    I'm only guessing installing CS3 has something to do with it, but it's about the only thing that changed. However, the older flash 8 video encoder - which edius used to write those .flv -files, is still installed and can be used normally when started by itself. It's only edius that seems to have lost connection to the encoder.

    After this problem occured I updated Edius to the latest version, but it did not solve the issue. Please help, any suggestions to solve this are very much appreciated.