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How to Delete a Range of Video or Audio Effects

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  • How to Delete a Range of Video or Audio Effects

    It is great to be able to higlight a range of clips and past audio/video effects into the selected clips, but why can't we do the inverse?

    After a short project was completed I decided upon sweetening the audio mix which meant adding changing parameters of filters already on clip. I thought I could highlight a range, delete the existing effect (audio, or video), then copy and paste a new set of filters into the highlighted range.

    I have talked to tech support about this and they said for some reason you can't delete a range of effects.

    Is this true?

    Thanks for any suggestions

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    This is not true

    Try selecting the clips, right clicking on one of the selected clips and then look down the menu to delete parts. You have the choice of Mixer/keyers/filters

    I just addeda filter to 10 clips, then I re-selected all of the clips and did this and all of the filters were deleted off of all of the clips. :)



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      Select clips > Alt+F


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        Thanks for the tip Mike,

        My intuition was to highlight the range and simply delete the effect from the Information box.

        I'm a bit embarrassed, for not thinking through the procedure. However, I have asked the question at least a couple times in tech support calls.



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          I had a return phone call from tech support today and just for grins, I asked about the "delete filter across a range of clips". Without hesitation< I was informed that you can't do that but a service request had already been submitted for the feature.

          As a good citizen, I mentioned this was a test and shared my newfound knowledge. So now, tech support knows.

          Thanks again for the tip. Used it already,