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Best format to save Stills from the timeline

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  • Best format to save Stills from the timeline

    Looking for suggestions on which file to save stills from the timeline.
    I plan to optimize them in Photoshop and enlarge the files with OnOne to print 8 by 11's.
    From running a naked eye comparison I found psd to be best followed in decreasing quality by bmp, tga, png, tif, and jpg.

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    PSD would be best I think, especially since you are using photoshop to manipulte them, but any format the is uncompressed would be good.
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      Tiff, Targa, BMP would be good. I would stay away from Jpg. :)



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        Yeah Photoshop is great if you use Photoshop :)

        If you want to correct the stills, all you do is open the Edius saved PSD files and add new layers etc...then just save it and go back into Edius and the stills update.


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          I have found tga (targa) the best if you want to re use them on the timeline
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            I have found Topaz Enhancement software to give better results, when creating stills from video file.


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              Remember to use the "de-interlace" filter in PS if there are feild jaggies :)
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