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Which Edius version started using USB key?

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  • Which Edius version started using USB key?

    Did version 3 of the software have a USB key?
    Was the USB key only started with version 4 of Edius?


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    I don't know the previous versions, but the Version 3.x (one before 4.0) needed usb dongle.
    Asus X99-A/USB3.1 - Samsung EVO870 1TB - Win10Pro - Edius 7.53


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      The first time I used the Doggle was in early 2006 when I upgraded to Broadcast Pro 3 to use the HVX200 P2 capture. It was before 3.62 back in the 3.4 or something like that.

      Mule Ferguson
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      Nvidia9800, 500G Raid (2x250) 1TB&500TB Ext Drives

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        EDIUS 1.x and 2.x required a CD Key.

        EDIUS 3.x required a CD Key and Activation (and a dongle if you bought the Broadcast upgrade). Having an NX or SP board negated the need for activation.

        EDIUS 4.x requires a CD Key and a USB Dongle.


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          Once Edius is installed, there is a way to transfer the license from the USB dongle to the hard drive.

          It's generally not recommended because a mishap with the hard drive will leave you with a worthless piece of plastic and flash memory, but in a few situations like when taking a computer to a trade show where a dongle can get swiped easily, it can make sense.


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            Even with tradeshows, locking the dongle inside the machine and then securing the PC case is better.

            Trust me..


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              Just as a side note, how far back do I need to go to install the software, here is what I have:
              2.0 upgrade
              2.5 download
              3.0 upgrade+TitleMotion


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                From what I remember, any "upgrade" is a full installer - it will simply ask for a previous version's CDROM to be inserted at some point to verify. So technically you should be able to install off the most recent CD media you have.