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720p25 over 60p (Varicam)

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  • 720p25 over 60p (Varicam)


    I'm evaluating Edius at the moment for use in a series we're about to start post on that is shooting in 720p25 on Panasonic Varicam. The recorded format become 720p25 over 60hz.

    There is a Preset in Edius called: Generic OHCI HD 50Hz 960x720 25p over 60p

    Which seems ideal. But it doesn't seem to work. Connected via Firewire to a Panasonic AJ-HD1400 it can control the deck, but receives no video signal, and is unable to capture anything.

    The Input Setting selected is 'DVCPRO HD 1080/59.94i' - which may be right, I am not sure. There is no 720/59.94 setting there.

    I've tried this with the deck in 60hz and 59.94hz modes. With no luck.

    Please shed some light for me.

    Dylan Reeve

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    You're sure it's not in the Input Format listing, shown here?
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      Hi Kenneally,

      This is what I see - Profile Setup, and then the Input Settings in a project created with that Profile.

      By my reading of it, that should be the right profile. 25p shot on Varicam is 25p over 60p.

      Our eventual plan, if this works is to capture and transcode with Edius and edit in 1080i50 in Avid Xpress Pro HD (it's what we know).

      Other avenues I've pursued include using a Blackmagic Decklink HD Extreme and their capture software, which works, but it's inelegant, and results is massive datarates (20sec per GB).

      If we can't find a working solution this way we're going to have to invest in Final Cut Pro (which is still unable to capture 25p/60 via Firewire, but at least with Decklink provides a workable capture platform and with ProRes can keep the datarate managable). But I hate FCP's media management, and I don't really like cutting in it, so I'm trying to avoid this.
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        Hmm, it looks like (for some reason), the capture profile is missing in the trial version.

        Let me confirm this and get back to you. You should be seeing that profile with EDIUS Broadcast.

        (if anyone else has EDIUS Broadcast, feel free to back me up).


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          That would explain it.

          I'll wait to hear back from you.


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            Kenneally, your photo shows input settings, His shows output devices


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              Dylan, once you selected your preset and opened Edius, did you go to CAPTURE>INPUT SETTINGS and get the box that Kenneally showed in his post? Did you select that and then try to capture?


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                Originally posted by pjsssss
                Kenneally, your photo shows input settings, His shows output devices
                The second screen shot shows his Input Settings window, which differs from mine in that some of the inputs are missing.

                Granted, my dongle has a few extra licenses over the top of regular EDIUS Broadcast, but I am pretty sure that the DVCPRO 720/59.94p input format is part of any EDIUS Broadcast install.


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                  Can you run the EDIUSLM license manager tool (from the EDIUS CD) and see if you have "EDIUS Varicam support" license listed?


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                    I believe the OP is running the Trial version..


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                      I can confirm that my regular ol' EDIUS Broadcast 4.5 does indeed have the DVCPRO HD 720/59.94p preset as an input option. I don't have any of the special modules or additions to my dongle.

                      Something to note, however, is that when I ran it without the dongle (this is a fresh install on a formatted system, so I still have about 23 days left before the "trial" expires) I didn't have ANY DVCPRO HD 720p options. None. Period.


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                        Ok - sounds like it's grouped into the VariCam license, which appears to be absent from the trial version.

                        Let me confirm this.


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                          Originally posted by GrassValley_KH
                          I believe the OP is running the Trial version..
                          Oops. I think it's part of the VariCam license too.


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                            Sorry, K. I totally did not see the second pic.

                            I also can confirm that my straight Braodcast dongle shows the same inputs that you have.


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                              Hi guys, thanks for your very responsive feedback here...

                              Yes, I am currently running a Edius 4.5 trial downloaded from the site a few days ago, with no dongle obviously (well, I have an Avid Xpress dongle in, but that doesn't seem to help :) )

                              If you are able to confirm that this functionality is available in Edius Broadcast 4.5 and works as I expect it to (captures 720p25 over Firewire from a Panasonic AJ-HD1400 in "59/60" system mode, from a tape shot as 25p on a Varicam) then I can probably justify the purchase 'sight unseen' as it were.

                              However if there is anyway for me to test this functionality beforehand, that would be very reassuring.

                              I am still in a very grey and muddy place in determining my workflow here.