I've completed a file for a customer, which I'd normally put onto dvd as a finished article and post off to them for checking.
With the postal strike here in the UK, we decided I'd upload a small version to the web for him to view.

I did F11, go into PCE and selected web and left it at it's presets and made my file.
Bit big I thought.
I went back to F11 and chose making a wmv, played with the settings and got a slightly smaller file.
F11 again and choose pce and change the settings to see if I can get a smaller file for same settings this way and it goes through all the motions until I press the last convert button - nothing at all happens, the pce converting file box does not open however long I wait.

I can now re-open pce by going F11 and go through it all again and nothing.

Restarted edius.
No change

Restarted pc
No change

I can still make a wmv using plug in.

If I chose a different setting in pce, say save for email, I can make a file, but no way can I make a web file again?????

Anyway, I'm off out for a meal with friends, so I'm not going to worry about it any more tonight :)

But I thought I'd let you mull it over and maybe try it to see if it happens to you lot at all :)

See you all in the morning.....