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  • Two Questions

    1) From the Bin Right-click and Bin pull-down menu, QuickTitler is not available. Right-click the "T" track in the timeline and it's available. Uh...?

    2) Show Tooltip is currently unchecked in Settings|Application Settings|Application. I still get timeline pop-ups (yellow box) for many functions, like rubberband movements. Is this not considered a Tooltip? Because of the feedback already available in the Timeline lower-left corner it seems redundant and probably adds another layer of CPU usage. (to me unnecessary) Can they be turned off?

    Thanks, Rusty
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    I think (I could be wrong), that the tooltips are specifically connected to the Effects pallete and the control panels for transitions and keyers.

    The regular hover-over-a-button ones are builtin and cannot be disabled. Again, I may have that wrong..


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      To answer question 1:
      In the Setting - Application - Application - Default Titler: TMP or Quick Titler.

      if you select TMP then [From the Bin Right-click and Bin pull-down menu, It will open TMP and QuickTitler is not available]

      if you select Quick Titler then [From the Bin Right-click and Bin pull-down menu, It will open QuickTitler and TMP is not available]
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