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hdv editing in windows vista

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  • hdv editing in windows vista


    i have windows vista , i have the last version of edius 4.52 , my canopus card is edius nx with firecoder card .

    im editing sd very good , there is no problems in vista with sd editing

    today , im trying hdv editing , i have sony hvr m25e , and i want to capture hdv tape , but i cant connect the video with edius .

    any one have any ideia about this .

    i was editing hdv in windows xp without problems , but this is first time trying hdv in vista .

    thanks alot .

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    It may be because edius and the NX are not vista compatible yet, so you have been able to get sd out but so far the hd side of things is still being worked on??

    I'm about to do some more Vista testing, but as yet I don't have any hd material, although I'm getting some avchd stuff sent. I'll check it out, but it won't be until next week.

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      thanks ,

      i can open new 1440 - 1080 50i time line , i can see it out on component hd monitor , but the problem that i cant make capture , and i cant send it back to tape by mpeg ts writer . that meen that i cant use firewire to connect the hdv camera or video in windows vista .

      thanks alot .


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        Do you have another 1394 OCHI on your PC?
        You may have to use it to capture or use TS Writer.

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          hi ,

          i tryed ohci firewire on my pc . the same problem i cant capture and i cant export to tape with mpeg ts writer , jus in windows vista , in windows xp there is no problem .

          thanks to all .


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            You're answering your own questions there - the NX hardware, and parts of EDIUS software, are not compatible with Windows Vista at the moment.


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              thanks to all

              now i can editing hdv also in windows vista ultimate .

              the problem was the windows vista not see the sony hdv video or z1 camera

              i tryed more , to remove the firewire cable , and connect it again more the one time , then windows vista found new hardware , he found my sony m25 hdv video , then i can see it in edius , and i can capture from hdv , and i can export to tape hdv .

              thanks to all for help

              vista compatible with hdv editing .