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Confusion with 4.52 - preparation for AVC-Intra Option

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  • Confusion with 4.52 - preparation for AVC-Intra Option

    Hi. I just successfully updated to 4.52, and I'm looking forward to updating my Panny 2000's and HPM100 to the new AVC-Intra options. I know I'll need to purchase another Canopus dongle to make this happen as well (and I'm predicting I'll need to ultimately get a beefier system).

    I thought I had read that 4.52 addresses the intra compatibility. I noticed many intra settings mentioned for the 50 & 100 project settings after intalling 4.52 - looks like we're close.

    Main question - I expect that I will be interested in doing AVC-Intra 100 recording in 1080 60i & 24p modes. There is supposed to be 24p Native recording on these cams with the Intra board in 1080 Intra 100 mode - which I expect would be full 1920x1080 24pN file. I don't see a 1920x1080 setting in the HD 24p settings in Edius - it's only as high as 1440x1080. Is Edius missing a 1920x1080 24p (native) timeline option (or a 1920x1080 30p option as well)?

    If I was to shoot Intra 100 1080 24p Native - should I put it in the 'normal' 1920x1080 60i project timeline?
    Not sure what I should expect to do - where I'd remove pulldown if I wanted to keep an edit true 24p, etc (or is Edius flat out missing full 1080 pN options)?

    Any insight is much appreciated.

    BTW - here's a good read on the Intra options coming:

    Thanks much.

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    No 1920x1080 23.98p preset so far in v4.52 - at least in the OHCI presets (though I doubt the hardware presets would include it either), and I have the AVC Intra license on my machine.

    So that leaves you two options until we get a 1920x1080/23.98p project setting:
    1. Start a 1920x1080/60i project and use the clips in there.
      The clips will be telecined to 60i by EDIUS in real-time.
      Of course, your final output is also now 60i.
    2. Start a 1440x1080/23.98p project and use the clips there.
      EDIUS will down-sample the clips to 1440x1080, so it won't be full-quality, but once a 1920x1080/23.98p project setting is available, you can just switch over.
      Remember that you can change between resolutions, but you can't change between frame rates, and of course titles, scaling and positioning will need to be retweaked.


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      FYI, 1920x1080/23.98p is being worked on for the Generic OHCI hardware profile.

      No eta on when it will arrive, but so you know, we aren't asleep.


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        Thanks much guys.

        Can I assume (hope) that there'd be an SP hardware preset as well?

        Would/could this be for full 1920x1080 24pN and 1920x1080 30pN?

        BTW - how are these files running for you? Have you tried the Intra 50 and full 1920 (or 1280) Intra 100 files, and what kind of machine do we need to play things back - even just native clips without filters/transitions, etc? I understand it may be processor intensive.



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          My sample clips here are 50Mbit 1440x1080 - on our latest line of HP Edit Stations, they play out superbly in their native format (single stream with a few transitions). Some serious optimisation happened during the development of v4.5.