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Install order for Edius 4 and Storm 2?

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  • Install order for Edius 4 and Storm 2?

    I looked as hard as I could and did not find a 1, 2, 3 ... for installing Edius 4 and Storm 2. Would someone list the order, please? Also, a combination for installing Edius, Premiere and Storm, but this is less important.

    Thank you much,


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    Its funny you ask this, because I have the same system it seams (storm 2 , edius 4 and premiere 6.5)

    Each time I do the install, I tell myself to write it down (the order I mean) but never do.

    I think if you do it like this, you should be right...

    1). Storm 2 drivers

    2). Edius 4, followed by update

    2). Premiere 6.5

    3). Premiere storm/canopus plugin (use the latest one from canopus website. Then during install, click YES to repair the storm 2 drivers)

    I found that if you install Premiere first, then edius 4.5, you then have to re-install the canopus plugin for premiere otherwise storm will not work on it.

    Good luck.
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