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Can someone help me?

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  • Can someone help me?

    I need someone who is good at rendering to render this thing for me. I tried, and failed horribly.

    Ok, heres the picture.

    As you can see I circled the "VIP" part. All I would like one of you (doesn't matter who) and try and render that the best you can. That would be awesome.

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    I'm not entirely sure you've found the right place, but if anyone is willing to help you out, I'm sure they can reach you via Private Message.


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      Special Timmy....what the heck are you on about!!!??? I've really tried hard to understand what you need done, but every path I go down just doesn't make sense?

      "Render" an image from a 3d application??? But the VIP thingy isnt 3d???

      What the????
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        I think he just wants someone to replicate the VIP 'logo' in 3d for him.
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