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Learning Various Recording Formats & Then Editing / Outputting Through Edius

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  • Learning Various Recording Formats & Then Editing / Outputting Through Edius

    Hi All,

    I hope you are well? I am wondering if anyone can direct me to a website or similar resources where I can learn more about what different video formats, codecs, etc.... and how they effect what settings I choose to shoot with, how I can better use certain formats / codecs to edit it in Edius (i.e. limitations, etc...) and then burn to DVD or BluRay or save to file my projects and videos.

    By this am seeking to really understand for example how PAL HD 50i effects what I shoot on my Sony PMW-200 when in either 35Mbps HQ mode 4.2.0 or in 50Mbps 4.2.2. I need to edit in 50i if I want to be able to use my Spark HD Output to my preview monitor when using Edius 6.52.

    I have been a cameraman for news for many years and the actual shooting / camera creativity are of a fairly high standard - it's understanding all the various technical nuances of codecs, formats, etc... so as to be able to get the best out of my camera technically and also out of Edius 6.52 for wedding videos, music videos, doco's, corporate videos, etc....

    There just seems to be so much out there these days that's its becoming increasingly difficult to get basic things done easily - though Edius does make things so much easier with its edit anything anywhere.

    Hope I am not sounding like a complete moron - I have been out of the game for a number of years through the transition from linear to non-linear and I have missed quite a bit of the technical learning and hope that others may know some good resources to look up.

    I have completed Class On Demand "Complete Training For Edius 6.5" and it helped a little with some settings, etc.... still I feel it has only touched the surface of what I should be able to achieve with Edius and my PMW-200 (Go-Pro 3 and Canon 5D Mk II).

    Thank you for any ideas, known resources or advice anyone is willing to share. Stay safe and creative!

    Cheers & Thanks,