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    While I'm waiting on 4.52 to download, I hoped to find out what (if anything) others are doing with some of the new(er) filters.

    Matrix, what the...

    Median, does it do anything? I don't see it.

    Channel Select, (no cooking channel here) white, or not?

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    Originally posted by Rusty View Post
    Channel Select, (no cooking channel here) white, or not?

    I'm using this one as part of a two step process to output alpha channel video with the HQ codec.

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      The inbuilt help actually gives you an idea of what the filters do and how/why they are used.


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        MATRIX - You could use this filter for a posterized look (not very cool though) but I could only get it working with normalize switched off.

        SELECT CHANNEL - Like the other dude said, good for exporting Alphas :)

        MEDIAN - I'm guessing this kinda like PS's median blur, but its pretty useless. I noticed its ok for blurring or softening over exposed portions of the video. Could come in handy.

        SMOOTH BLUR!!!!!!! - I didn't know that was there!!!! Its WAY better than crappy plain old BLUR. Sweet :)

        Anyone made some cool presets using combine filter? I've got some blurred white flashes and things, that option is cool.
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          Matrix filter can be used for a number of useful and not-so-useful effects. The problem is you have to understand image processing matrices to use it, which most folks don't understand (including me).

          It's essentially a "roll your own" filter.


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            A few of the other filters we have are born out of this filter. Emboss is one example.