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  • Sync mode and transitions

    So I am using 1 Video track and 2 audio tracks for my left and right channels. I'm not using the VA tracks.

    I want to be able to delete an audio track (say my left channel). So the way I''m doing that is by ungrouping the tracks, deleting the track I want, then grouping them back up. But when I place a transition between those clips and the ones next to it on the timeline, my left channel track on the second clip moves out of sync. This seems to happen with sync modse turned both on and off. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what sync mode actually does and how it work with grouping.

    Any advise?


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    I find working with multiple audio tracks to be considerably more daunting than V/A.
    A couple things need to be in place.

    The Transition and Audio Cross Fade times must be the same. By default they are, but (because they are altered on different menus) are easily changed to different settings.

    In Settings|Application Settings|Timeline, see that the "Insert Crossfade/Transition" items are ticked. (lines 2-3 in the menu)

    Now everything should stay in sync.

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      Once again, thanks for your advice...

      We use two seperate tracks of audio on most of productions and that is why we use a seperate Video and two seperate Audio tracks. Is there a better situation by using the combined video/audio tracks? If we do that, how would we seperate the two audio tracks.




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        you can do anything with an audio clip that is p[art of a video clip, you can mute left or right, you can pan left or right, you can make left channel be output to both channels while right remains muted, you can make right channel be output to both channels while left remain muted, you can use the panpot filter to create a balance of both channels to be output to both channels, like left 100% voice on both and right 20% ambience on both
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          I'm brand new in the forum, thanks for all the tips here, it is really useful!
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            Originally posted by koen1976
            I'm brand new in the forum, thanks for all the tips here, it is really useful!
            Welcome to the Forums!