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Edius 4.5 training by Class on Demand

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  • Edius 4.5 training by Class on Demand

    I just saw where Class on Demand has a new training dvd for Edius 4.5

    here is the link:

    $150 is a little steep.

    Ronnie Martin
    Kato Video Productions
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    well, will you look at who the host is?
    No wonder it's so pricey!


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      or, if you factor in all the free help he's given around here, it looks awfully cheap!
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        I've seen Mike's tutorials and have to agree, they are worth a premium.


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          I just hope they help people out. I always hate doing these things because I sound so stupid to my self BUT, if it helpes somebody out that is the most important thing. :)



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            Mike is being way too humble here. I have been around for awhile and I have seen a lot of presentations, and I can say without a doubt, that he is the single best live presenter that I have ever seen.

            He is much more serious in the tutorials, but if any of you get a chance to see him live, you owe it to yourself to do so.

            I have not seen the completed video yet (I have seen parts being made), but if you are looking for a quick way to get up to speed on Edius 4.5, this will be money well spent.


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              To bad, this have only 3.5 hours of training.


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                I just got a stack (I'm the Aust distributor) and I'm pretty pleased with it Mike. Good job. I haven't forgotten the "other ones" that I sold a couple of years back from "the other Mike", there's no comparrison really.
                AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, RTX 3080, 64GB RAM, EDIUS X WG.


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                  Gotta chip on here by saying that Mike D. is a great tutor! Especially for people who are just starting out with Edius even for veterans, you might learn a few new things if you know most of Edius.

                  Vote for Mike! :P