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  • Ron Evans
    This is how I do multicam for my theatre shows. Most cameras are AVCHD ( occasional EX3 )and I edit native files. I use VA tracks . I sync up the tracks and then copy the audio ( and in my case export wav files and edit audio in Vegas) and place the edited audio on A1. All the audio on the VA tracks are muted. I do this so that I can always check sync if I need to. So I have 4 or 5 tracks VA with muted audio and an audio mixed track , in sync, on A1. I then edit in multicam since the audio on A1 is unaffected by multicam editing . I have a button on my Shuttle Pro V2 controller set to select multicam so with one button push I can go in and out of multicam. Video filters are set to OFF in multicam so performance is good and I can always just come out of multicam to check how things really look with filters.

    Ron Evans

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  • Lead_Editor
    started a topic Multi-Cam Question

    Multi-Cam Question

    Hi All,

    When working in Multi-Cam mode, the audio does not dropped to 1A & 2A. Only video drops down to the video tracks. Can someone give me a step by step guide to Multi-cam? Do we have to do this in separate steps, or is their one step to this? If we put it on 1VA track, you do not see this track in multi-cam mode?