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DVD Creator hangs up when creating a BD

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    A mobile rack for the system drive is an excellent workaround and a bargain solution for those who are limited to one workstation.

    On the video editing C: drive, only video editing related software should be installed, and your internet cable should be unplugged with the network card disabled.


    #1: Iwill DK8N, 2 x 270 Opterons, 2 Gb RAM, WinXPPro-32, Edius 5.51, NX PCI-X & HDV Expansion, ProCoder 3, Imaginate 2, Sony WV-DR9, Sony EDV-9500, Sony GV-D200.
    #2: Asus P5E, Q9400, WinXPPro-32, Edius 6.07, HD Spark
    #3: Edius SP with Breakout Box, Win10, Edius 7.53


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      I have a laptop that I use when traveling and it has Edius 6.53 on it and is running without a problem. I mainly use the laptop to dump my SXS cards from my Sony EXDCAM cameras and to learn new versions of the Edius software. The laptop was an off the shelf HP from Best Buy and it came with WEB ROOT. It also is the last HP that has the card reader that works with my SXS cards. When I boot up the laptop, I disconnect the wireless connection and disable Web Root. Just right click the Web Root Icon and enter the code that is displayed. It only takes as few seconds so I cannot understand your threat to discontinue Edius recommendation.

      When I was on 6.08, and was finished with any editing and then turned on Web Root, Web Root would think that the dongle had been a threat. However, a short scan would remove the footprint left by the dongle and all was well again.

      My desktop editing stations are kept at least 6 feet from the Internet and have various versions of Edius. Everything that is transferred using a thumb drive is scanned first before removing it from the internet computer (or from a client) before inserting it into any workstation or laptop running Edius.

      Once before, I took a thumb drive from a client and inserted it into a desktop and all of the networked machines were infected. It was a major problem with deadlines looming. Never again!!!!

      If you are editing with a machine connected to the internet even with a compatible antivirus program, your chances of infection are increased.

      Take care

      Ronnie Martin
      Kato Video Productions
      main system: custom built by Edit HD Ultma 277,Intel (R) core (TM) i7 2600K cpu 3.40 GHz 3.40Ghz, 16GB ram, Windows 7, Intel HD (R) graphics 3000, NVIDA Gforce GT 440, C drive Samsung SSD 850 pro, video drive WD 3TB SATA, 2 LG Bluray drives, External WD SATA 2TB storage/backup drives in thermaltake Black device. edius 8.3 WG


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        Dear Ronnie,
        Many thanks for your detailed advices. Now I can summarize what I have collected as help on the forum:
        1- It seems that I am not alone and some other Edius users have been obliged to share between two computers, accessing to the Internet and working with Edius. Due to a lack of room, I have chosen a rack and two HDD. But it was already before posting any thread on the forum and I expected Edius to provide either a more technical solution or, at least a technical reason for its evident incompatibility with some antivirus software, or, also, a patch in the reference manual explaining this kind of limitation. Till now I never have read something from Edius.
        2- It can’t be said that it could come from a viral infection which prevents Edius BD creator to work, considering that, if the antivirus software is uninstalled (not only de-activated) BD CREATOR works again.
        3- I ignore if Edius 6.5 corrects the problem. What I have heard from the reseller is that it does not but it would have been interesting for me to be informed from Edius itself.
        At this point I close the subject considering that there is no more solution from forum members, whom I thank strongly for their help.