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Converting for AVID?

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  • Converting for AVID?

    Hi all,

    I need to convert some Canopus DV AVI clips to a format that's accepted by AVID. The dude in question tells me they need to be uncompressed quicktime at 420x486.

    Does Pcoder do this? If not, how do I accomplish it.

    The DVD I sent to these AVID editors was the CAN DV AVI files with the Canopus DV playback codec. I assumed they would be able to open the files (in Windows and then convert them. Am I wrong?

    Any help much appreciated!



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    420x486?? It seems he's mistaking it for NTSC D1, which is 720x486?

    If they are working with DV, then 720x480 is fine...Export your Canopus DV files to Microsoft DV and it will work.

    You can use the 4.5 batch converter to export out DV AVI files with the Microsoft DV box checked.


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      Originally posted by STORMDAVE

      You can use the 4.5 batch converter to export out DV AVI files with the Microsoft DV box checked.
      Yes it did seem a little odd to me!!

      Do you mind running me thru the batch conversion method?

      Cheers Dave!


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        Hey Chris, how many files do you have?

        If you have ProCoder 2 for example, it can be done through that...but if you don't, you can put all the clips on your timeline, and go to each clip and press z and it will set in and out points for each clip. Go to the Batch exporter from the Print menu (Where Batch Exporter is located) and right click and > new. Then select DV AVI, and check the "Microsoft DV" checkbox and name the file. It will make a new batch file with an in and out point.

        Do the same for the rest of the clips, and then let the batch exporter run.

        If you have many files (hundreds?) this could be a pain, so PC2/PC3 comes into play here. I haven't tried it with ProCoder Express, but I think the watch folder option would work, but have not tried it myself.


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          Cheers for the tips Dave,

          You DA MAN!!


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            you can export it as Quictime DVCPRO, when i send videofiles to TV stationes wich use avid i do that, and they are happy bout that.
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