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    Originally posted by BenK63 View Post
    Ouch... really ugly! Anybody reported this one?
    I sent an email (can't remember where) some time ago but didn't receive a reply. This bug is really slowing me down. If you want to delete audio from a clip and then trim it is a real headache.

    What is the correct procedure for bug reporting or is discussion here sufficient?
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      Hedley, see my PM to you.


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        Originally posted by hedleyw View Post
        What is the correct procedure for bug reporting or is discussion here sufficient?
        You can start a new thread in the forum "User-Reported Issues":


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          Originally posted by deebee69 View Post
          I was just wondwering whilst ingesting 6 hours of sd video into our computer, what workflo other people/editors adopt for long form shooting such as weddings .
          Do you review all the footage and just bring in what you want.

          Do you create an offline file and if you do at what res do you use.

          Do you bring the whole lot in and take chunks out

          Also what workflo do you adopt for 2 camera shoots ?Ive tried multicam which I like but find it gets complicated when using it on 6 hours of footage?

          I recently switch to Edius. The following is the process that I am using for my first official edit with Edius.

          I am in the process of editing about 8 hour multicam wedding event. I am finding the I enjoy doing all my editing on the timeline.
          The multicam feature of Edius is wonderful feature. I load the footage from the cameras into a sequence name Multicam.
          I play the footage in mulitcam mode and selected the shots I desire and then do the fine
          tuning. When a particular segment of the Wedding is to my liking I then transfer
          it to a single track and then add to the bin as sequence. On this particular event I was only allowed to use two cameras.

          So far, I do not regret my switch to Edius.



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            Congratulations Kirt,

            Nice move to Edius and Multicam.

            I create a Sequence called Ceremony, make my edits and leave them all as they are. Just in case I need to make some last minute changes.
            The Ceremony Sequence can now be "Nested" within a larger Project sequence and reviewed from there.

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