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Audio Gradually Goes Out of Sync

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  • Audio Gradually Goes Out of Sync

    Hi there everyone!

    Had a quick question about syncing audio in edius 6.5. Just to start off, i have an excellent computer and an external soundcard, so i know thats not the prob. (ive tried using the internal too)

    As I put a 16bit, 44.1 wav file into my project to sync up with the video, it gradually goes out of sync. I check the waveform and even just a few seconds down the line, it's out of sync. Any ideas? Thank you!!!


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    Change it to 48kHz.
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      Thank you for the prompt response!

      I just did, no difference. Did a full new mixdown to 48, 24bit and made sure the project was to 48, 24bit as well. I just checked by syncing to the end of the clip instead of the beginning: its about 3 seconds out of sync. Im editing a drum video so i cant really take chunks out when it gets out of sync. Suggestions?


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        All good, I got it. Just slowed my video down to 99.08 percentage of the original speed. thanks for your help!


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          That's one way to do it, the problem you seem to have is an audio recorder that doesn't hold sync wit your video camera which is a common problem. As you will have this problem with any new recording you do it's better to determine the exact deviation and then adjust the audio's speed in a program like audacity. Once you know how much it's off it's just a one time correction after each recording. There are several tutorials available on the internet how to do that.
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            Off by 1%.
            What were you using to record the audio?


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              Yes, what were you using?

              I had a Zoom H2 for years which was perfect for long concerts.
              Last year bought a new Tascam (can't remember the model) which didn't hold sync AT ALL, drifting forward and back all the time. Had to sell it and bought a new Zoom H4N, and we're back to perfect sync again.


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                If you are critical of sync then you will find that most multicam with even other cameras do not hold sync. Example DV audio only has to be within 1/3 frame to meet spec so a few DV cameras are unlikely to ever be in sync. With audio recorders then the clock is unlikely to be in sync with the video clock on the camera and will almost certainly drift over a long period. Having done multicam in my hobby, always using consumer equipment, they are never in sync and thus I always use Vegas to get the audio in sync. I have Zoom H4N and Zoom R16, neither will stay in complete sync over a 1 hour period compared to my NX5U. Easy to re-sync in Vegas and its something that Edius just cannot do. Edius can re-align audio but cannot squeeze or expand to take account of clock differences. My work flow is sync video in Edius, export a wav file for each camera, sync with the Zoom audio in Vegas create mix and import as a master audio track in Edius for the rest of the edit. Use the NX5U audio in Vegas as the master quide track of course. Most of the time the audio is from one of the Zoom recorders of course since the mics are in a better location than the camera.

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                  I recorded the video using 2 Sony A55 cameras and recorded my audio through a Presonus Firestudio Project into Reason 6. This was the final results. Idk, suited my needs.



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                    Since once you know the deviation of a audio recorder it's very fast corrected in audacity and you can do all your editing without leaving Edius. Should save quite some time in multicam recordings.
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