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Should I finish project started in Edius 3 before I install the 4.5 upgrade?

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  • Should I finish project started in Edius 3 before I install the 4.5 upgrade?

    I have a project underway that I stared in Edius Pro 3. Should I complete that project in E.3 before I install my 4.5 upgrade?

    Also, I've seen posts about compatibility with Edius 4 and Imaginate. Is there still a problem, or is this fixed with 4.5?

    Thanks for your replies.

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    Usual advice here is to complete a project before upgrading. It is ths the safe, low risk option.

    I believe that another version is due out within the week which is supposed to resolve the Imaginate and TMPro issues - that is what I am waiting for before upgrading.
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      Thanks drgagx.
      I JUST got my upgrade in the mail yesterday. I'd actually like to use 4.5 to finish the project because of the upgraded features I could really benefit from. But I agree that being safer than sorry is always a better result.

      I trust I'll be able to download a free update or patch for the forthcoming Imaginate fix.


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        4.52 should be out in the next few days (yes it is free) and the Imaginate problem is fixed. I always try to wait until a project is done before upgrading, in case there is a problem.
        Often once it is saved in the upgrade, you cannot open it in lower versions.

        However, I do understand wanting to gain the new features. If you do decide to upgrade, I would open the project in your present version and save it by a different name and then use the new file to open in the upgrade. That at least gives you a chance to open the original in the old version should the need arrive.


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          Now why didn't I think of that! Goes to show you why this forum is the best! You've replied on one of my prior posts also. Thanks again for your time and comments.


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            I've had no problems upgrading to 4.5 in the middle of a project, but give yourself some time to learn the new interface. Menues are in different places, some keystrokes are not the same, trim window is completely re-done, etc. If your on deadline, I would wait.

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              Originally posted by JimJulian
              If your on deadline, I would wait.

              I second that. I have 2 project that I am working and choose not to upgrade on the Desktop NX. I have the Laptop upgraded and working small project to get up to par with 4.51.

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