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  • Capture Problem

    Using pd170 to capture image on wall from an 8mm film projector via firewire into PC. Using OHCI preset and all is fine until I stop recording to change reels of film. The capture button becomes grayed out and the only way to fix it is to unplug firewire and then reinsert once again or shut camera off and put it back on. Anyone knows what the issue is?

    PS. I am using video only capture button!

    Windows 10 Home 64 Bit, Edius WG 9.55.7303, Edius X WG 10.20.7490 Intel Z370X Motherboard, i7-8700K 4.7 GHz 6 core, 12 Thread LGA-1151 CPU, GTX-1080 8GB Graphics card, 500GB M.2 PCIe NVM SSD, 16 TB Raid 0 Media Drive, 32 GB DDR4 Memory, Intensity Pro 4K AV I/O, CS 5.51 Production Suite.

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    Your hardware/software environment may be the problem, and the cause/effect may be unavoidable, even if you learn why it is happening.

    You already have identified an effective workaround, simply turn off and on your camcorder. Wear and tear on your firewire sockets favor that approach.

    If you are capturing 8mm film and producing discs for clients, there are better ways to do it. The workstation #2 description in my signature block below has some hints. PM me and I would be happy to share more info.


    #1: Iwill DK8N, 2 x 270 Opterons, 2 Gb RAM, WinXPPro-32, Edius 5.51, NX PCI-X & HDV Expansion, ProCoder 3, Imaginate 2, Sony WV-DR9, Sony EDV-9500, Sony GV-D200.
    #2: Asus P5E, Q9400, WinXPPro-32, Edius 6.07, HD Spark
    #3: Edius SP with Breakout Box, Win10, Edius 7.53