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    Maybe it's here in the form and I just can't find it or I'm not looking in the right place......

    I have a friend with an Avid. He says he has some 3rd party plug in that he puts as an audio effect on the timeline to equalize everything to a specific db... all at once. So things that may be a bit hotter are brought down and vice versa. YEA. I can do it manually, been for ever. BUT, it's more like within a specific clip, the hot spots and low spots are brought up and down automatically. Again, yes, you can do this manually but it's way too time consuming.

    I was wondering if Edius has a compatible plug in or feature? (running 6.05)

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    You might try Normalize and see if that is what you are looking for. You can Normalize a Clip or a Track.
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      I know about that one - but I thought, and please correct me if I'm wrong, it pulls it ALL down or up within the clip. So the whole clip runs at -20db, even if it's a variable sounding clip - everything moves down to -20db. (soft becomes softer too).

      I was thinking of more like the program "listens" to the music and brings each beat, each sound within the clip to that one specific db. Is this what normalize does? I was misinformed or had the wrong impression otherwise.

      TY for any help!
      Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but she did it backwards and in high heels.


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        You could use the master limiter from izotope that came on the supplied bonus DVD.

        It works great until Edius version 6.08

        You can set threshold values to have lower part adjust louder and louder parts to be lowered, this all fully automatic.

        Limiting and compressing is only transparent when used in small amounts, it's more designed to smoothing things out then to be a cure for fast fixes, nothing's better than individual clip adjustment.
        It will do what settings you set it at, if source levels are at extreme levels the end result will become audible, not sure if you would like it.

        Be informed that this VST has 1 or more frame of delay compared to original, my personal workflow would be to export the processed track to a selfcontained wave file then mute original track and align the processed wave file to be in sync with the video file.

        It pretty fast, to export a 1 hour wave with VST mastering limiter will take less than 2 minutes, and seconds to align :)
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