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Is it possible to link timeline time code to video clips?

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  • Is it possible to link timeline time code to video clips?

    Would you please help me? I am looking for a way to link timeline time code to video clips on timeline, is there any way?
    I imported some video clips to timeline, they doesn’t have original time code so I use timeline time code for it, I wrote story board for video clips according to timeline time code but during editing, duration of video clips will change and it cause I lose matching of video clips and timeline time code, for example If I had car accident in 22:12:10, now it is in 19:10:14 while in my note, car accident is in 22:12:10.
    In fact I can't use my note anymore and editing became very difficult for me because I should check all the movies again so please help me if you know a solution.
    Do you think it is possible to link timeline time code to video clips?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Go to Settings -> Application Settings -> Customize -> Overlay and turn on the "Show source information" checkbox.


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      Hi Sean

      You can add / alter the timecode on a clip by right-clicking the clip, choosing properties, and adding / changing the timecode of the first frame of the clip.

      This is also a good tip for dealing with any clip that has been captured with wrong timecode (far superior still would be if Edius would let us modify that timecode based on any curent rather than only the first frame)

      If you've built a selects reel or sequnece, and given clients a timecode burn of that, then the easiest method is to make use of Edius' nested sequence capabilty ... just use the sequence you've built as if it were a clip itself (rather than using the original clips that it contains).



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        Hi Andy
        Your help was very great for me, thank you very much. It was really wonderful solution.