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Should I upgrade?

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  • Should I upgrade?

    I am currently running Edius 3.6. What advantages are there in upgrading to 4.whatever version is current.
    I often work with After Effects and Photoshop with all 3 programs open at the same time .... is this a problem with Edius 4?

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    Go for it!

    If you haven't heard enough about the good stuff 4.51c does yet, here's an old thread of stuff I and others found.

    If that's not enough, the new Fade buttons are worth the price of the upgrades by themselves.

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      All the big points that you get with 4.5 over 3.6 are listed here:


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        Should I Upgrade?

        I am runing Edius 4. I have downloaded version 4.5.1c I thought there were a number of bugs with this latest version serious enough that Grassvalley is working on fixes for it. Is that not true? I would go ahead and install the upgrade if it would function ok but I just need to hear that the fixes are a part of 4.5.1c.


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          It's entirely up to you. I'd suggest that you not do it in the middle of a project, and that you keep in mind that a new release (4.52) will be released in the first week of October.


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            Thank you and I'll wait!


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              Thanks for the replies.

              I guess I just want to make sure an upgrade won't be a frustrating experience.



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                Ftp Japan **********/drivers/video/ediuspro452.exe


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                  (Yet another) reminder... We cannot support versions that have been obtained outside of the official worldwide release! (Ie, not from

                  Japan likes to put stuff up early - often times it hasn't been fully tested outside of a Japanese environment.

                  Therefore, we highly recommend AGAINST "trolling" the Japanese FTP site and installing the latest-and-greatest from there, unless you are fluent in Japanese (no, Babelfish does not count!) and can troubleshoot things on your own.

                  You have been warned! Next you get laughed at.