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XDcam files import via Firewire

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  • XDcam files import via Firewire

    How do I connect to a XDcam with XDSelect and do the transfer via firewire?

    If there is a DVX or SD present do one have to connect with that onboard firewire connector? or can one use a connector on OHCI card?

    Before I've successfully transferred MXF files with XDSelect using a stand alone XDplayer and an ethernet cabel.

    What might I be missing?

    This guide claims that I can drag and drop the files using the explorer in windows - yet though the camera appear in the explorer I cannot browsers it's contents.

    I switched between the two different modes (I can't recall the names) available in the camera menu.

    So, what might I be missing?

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    the XDCAM device needs to be set to FAM (File Access Mode)

    when you plug it into the PC the disc will/should mount, so that you should be able to see it in the Explorer window as a mounted drive (F:, G: or whatever)

    if you've got that far you should be able to browse the device ... you're looking for the "Clip" folder, which is at the root level of the disc.
    you can simply drag and drop the MXF files from that directory straight to your media drive
    (this is bypassing Eduis's XD Select function, so you'll have to manually import the files to your Edius project after the fact unless you are dropping them in a watch fiolder)


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      Ok, great thanks.

      I'll check it out.



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        You also need to have the appropriate PDZ software installed.


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          The last piece of the puzzle.

          -Great work there Watson! :)

          Thanks ever so much for you assistance.



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            You're welcome. That's what the forum is all about.