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How to add closed caption?

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  • RonnieMartin
    Check your PMs. I may have some info for you. I fought this fight in 2010 with a 20 week TV program. Actually the expense and difficulty of the CC mandate by the FCC has just about killed small producers like us from producing local TV programs. I have asked several times for some help from GV in developing a solution for this problem but it seems that it is not requested enough for them to go to the expense of developing a solution. Whether or not you go with the work around that I sent you as a PM, purchase CC software, or work with a captioning company, it will be expensive, difficult and time consuming. Unless you are required to have CC by your countries FCC or the stations that are airing your project I would just leave well enough alone.

    That is just my 2 cents worth and by no means a put down on GV. I'm sure that it is simple cost of development weighed against demand.

    Take care

    Ronnie Martin
    BTW even my socks have a GV logo.

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  • GrassValley_SL
    I think you will need a third party tool.
    Here is one:

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  • Paranova Films
    started a topic How to add closed caption?

    How to add closed caption?

    Hello people, i have 0 experience about doing closed caption.

    is there a plugin or a program we must to have to add closed caption to our videos?

    can it be done in edius?

    are there some limitations?

    I have several years editin NLE, but as i said '0 experience' on CC... any help would be great, Thanks!