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  • AE --> Edius (Canopus lossless)


    lesson 1.
    I had to learn that Edius is basically not capable of handling a ~57 min stereo tif sequence (opening the L+R sequences took well over two hours each and then I gave up waiting any longer when I selected the two clips in the bin and right clicked for the Set as Stereoscopic setting and nothing happened for more than half an hour). Fine, I understood that Edius should not be used like that, so I'm writing this just for the record,.

    lesson 2.
    Although I hated the idea of wasting more disk space for yet another intermediate file, I decided to try to open the tifs in AE and render a pair of lossless files to be imported in Edius. AE opened the sequences in 10 sec and I rendered the files using the Canopus Lossless codec. Everything went ok, the two 150GB files played back fine and there was no visible difference to the original tifs in AE or in Windows Media Player. Then I imported them into Edius and set them as stereoscopic and noticed that the files looked totally different (a lot darker) as if there was some sort of gamma correction problem...

    Now this is getting really annoying and I'd appreciate any hints on how to make Edius play back a file made with their own codec without altering its appearance by default. Thanks in advance. Although I don't think it matters, but I'm on 6.51.
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    1) try setting the tiff sequence to super white in the clip properties - it "may"
    help you, but then it may not, depends where the tiffs were originated.

    2) Edius has major issues with import and export of stills from other applications. I've given up with it, so use After Effects and PPro for all my tiff and DPX sequence work ( mostly making 2D and 3D DCP's ) Ppro can open a tiff or DPX sequence of huge proportions in seconds, as can AE. Edius, no way.

    This whole issue is awful and doesn't ever get a response when posted here, I guess very few people use Edius for CGI sources or in a DCP/Graphics/3D workflow because when you try, the bottom drops out of this otherwise great editing tool, just stick with CS6, AE and PPro for all your processing, just create your edit work in 2D or 3D in Edius, which it is really good at.

    By the way, I export HQX L&R files into PPro or AE for DPX processing, but also lossless if working with larger format projects for cinema - needs a load of disc space, but worth it.

    Paul :-)
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      Originally posted by PaulTV
      1) try setting the tiff sequence to super white in the clip properties - it "may"
      help you, but then it may not, depends where the tiffs were originated.
      You nearly got it right, I had to set it the other way around: to white from super white.

      I owe you a beer anyway, because I would have never looked for this setting without your post.


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        It is possible to achieve accurate colours when round tripping between AE and Edius. The key is colour management in AE along with understanding how Edius will interpret various footage types by default. In Edius most all video will be treated as YUV so YCbCr = Super White and most still images will default to RGB = White. Problems can occur when you have still images originating from YUV rec.709 or other video colour space standards. These still images although of YUV origin and Super White in Edius when re-imported they will be seen as RGB or White. The downfall of Edius is that you often have no access to the clips colour settings eg: if you import an RGB originated HQ, HQX or LL video it defaults to YUV Super White instead of white and the only way to change it is in the master handling of the project and not at the clip level because it is locked.

        Here is a great reference for broadcast and DCI workflows in AE and PShop... we do all our editing in Edius but prepare our DCI assets in AE in a colour managed environment.

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          Thanks Dave, I downloaded it. Although 30 pages is not too much, but if I add it to the several hundred other pages I had to study for this project, I'm feeling full up, especially when I remember that video is only a side activity for me beside the audio projects. Thanks for your help anyway.


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            Workflow with image sequences in Edius is really bad.
            My workflow is, loading image sequences via AVISynth in just a few seconds.
            The only limitation is, AVISynth works with 8bit color depth only.

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