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Edius hardware advantages over software only

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  • Edius hardware advantages over software only

    What advantages do you guys see in the NX vs. SP vs. Edius Pro.
    Will I be able to edit HDV using the HQ codec and DV footage, in RealTime without the use of either of the Hardware solutions NX and SP?
    How many layers of HQ Codec can a quad system deliver in Edius Pro?

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    Advantages of NX/SP:

    1) Component HD/SD output
    2) Locked (Synced) video/audio when scrubbing/playing the timeline
    3) Dedicated firewire port


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      Off Topic:

      During the PIII era the DVStorm/Rex had a major advantage with RT hardware DV encoding/decoding chip.

      IF the NX came out with RT M2T with onboard M2T encoder/decoder chip...WOW! But it didn't happen :(

      Back on topic:

      Having taste RT synced AV to external calibrated monitors I feel blind without them, since no overlay can be matched to an external monitor. This is a huge advantage for NX along with Edius.

      Since I'm working in SD so the DVStorm is a keeper!

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        You get used to Component output and to do without is a bit of a struggle.
        My NX Expansion for HDV card went out last week, so I worked on HDV projects in dv mode with NX for composite out.
        GV in San Jose traded my HDV card in less than a week, what a relief!

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          card bad

          Bad card, oh-oh. I think my NX card just went out. Just put it in a another computer and having the same tearing problems from the comp. and Y/C input.
          And the firewire is acting up.

          Yes, you really miss not having realtime output on a video monitor.
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