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HD / DV proxy editing?

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  • HD / DV proxy editing?

    Can anyone recommend a work flow for editing an hdv project using dv versions of the hd tape as proxies? Does anyone in here do that?

    Any tips?

    Thanks in advance.


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    If you mean capturing the HD files but editing using proxies, then it's as simple as going to Project settings and changing it to SD - Instant proxies :) Its awesome!
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      But will I have to generate dv from my HD?

      This is the plan I'm about to start editing a documentary with another person.

      So we will buy a 2nd copy of edius for her to use at home, but with her hardware her system can only handle dv.

      I was thinking of taking the HD footage and down convert to DV for proxy editing, then some how copy her projects back to my main HD editing sytem, replacing her dv footage with my high res HD footage, while keeping her edits intact.

      So what I'm asking is there a way to replace footage that doesn't match the original?

      I've tried with two sample projects the 1st was HD, then made a dv copy of the same footage same name, and then moved to a new folder on it's own.

      I copied the orignal project file, changed it to wide screen dv and put my dv copy of the tape in the same dir, and it gave me the relink footage box, but it won't let me link to my dv copy of the tape.

      Am I trying to do something that Edius can't do?


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        Edius does this and it is very simple.
        If the other person is going to do the offline cut and you the online.

        I'm going to give you a way to do this. Test it first.

        1 export all your clips to dv using the exact same file name they have in HDV (better use HQ for your HDV clips..just a tip)
        2 Make a 16:9 SD project with the same frame rate as your clip equals the frame rate you will use when doing the online
        3 Edit some clips
        4 export your project using AAF select the option to use original clips for both audio and video
        5 Make an Hd project 1440x1080
        (note: if you are doing this on one pc for a test rename the folder of the video files by adding an A to the name)

        6 Import by using AAf
        7 Restore dialog comes up
        8 Select restore by folder
        9 point it to the folder where you have the HDV files.
        10 watch EDIUS magic as it restores HDV files in the place of dv files.

        Project framerate much match
        Filenames must be the same


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          Thank you, I'll give that a shot.

          I'll give an update tomorrow.