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  • Edius Helping Make a Difference

    I'm really stunned by the widespread use of Edius around the world. If you missed the airing of this clip last night check it out. It had my attention from the start. This may also reflect the global diversity we now see on this forum.


    Staying on topic... How cool is it to see Edius (no doubt) handling footage from a wide range of sources?

    Too bad the u.s. only now gets around to sanctions. (imo and off topic (sorry))
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    Good eye. I missed that.

    There has been an influx of different users from different countries in the last 6 months or so. Very nice to see.


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      Nice! They haven't upgraded to 4.51c yet it seems :D

      I think for news organizations Edius is amazing. They can quickly dump breaking news footage in the bin and chop it up within a few minutes, then dump it back to a server or better yet, play back directly from the timeline (I know they don't do this because of reliability issues).