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  • Cutting for YouTube

    Hi there. I have a client that would like to publish for YouTube from a miniDV source.

    As I understand it, they (YouTube) compresses the vid to Flash 7 Sorenson, 320x240, from a file you give to them.

    Is there a way that we can publish straight to an .FLV, to maintain or surpass typical YouTube quality (bypassing a number of transcoded files)?

    I have Procoder2 & 3, Sorenson Squeeze and Flash CS3. I've gotta think that I can make a lovely .FLV, even if it's Flash 7 (non On2 codec) -- just not sure if it's going to 'pass through' YouTube's process.

    If not - I'd love to know what you think the best file format/specs are to deliver to a client (AVI/Divx?), so they can publish an edited file up to YouTube themselves.

    I figured I'd have to publish something up their sometime.

    Thanks much.

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    try this website:



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      I am pretty sure that whatever you do, YouTube will want to mess with it themselves. As you are probably know they recommend sending a DivX file. They do not seem to have heard of 16:9 aspect ratio, and neither are they aware that not all of us shoot 30fps NTSC. My experience is that no matter how careful you are with your encoding, by the time it appears on the site the quality is somewhat degraded. I too would be interested to learn if anyone has had a better experience.
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        This is a video I recently edited (EDIUS4.5) ;)

        We have entered a competition on There is a two week voting period which starts on 13th Aug and runs for 2 weeks. At the end of the 2 we...

        It was filmed in HDV and exported from EDIUS in 1280x720p

        I then imported it into Procoder and exported 320x240 2000kbps for video and 128kbps for audio... (try to get the end file size as near to the 100Mb limit)

        I used DivX for the codec.

        I have experimented by uploading the exact same video but at a resolution of 640x480 and tried to get the video file size as near to the 100Mb limit of Myspace/Youtube.

        The video quality was not a good as uploading a 320x240 clip.

        It must be that the encoder that they use is not as efficient at encoding as Procoder??

        not sure?

        either way I hope this helps.



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          Digital Juice has a nice video tutorial that explains the YouTube process. Well worth watching
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            Nice work Brian :) The quality is great, and the movie is too.
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