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    Hi all!

    At our facility, we are using Edius v.4.61 Broadcast (yes, an old version but its part of a bigger integrated installation with Bitcentral Precis). We recently switched our Fox NewsEdge iPump server (Wegner Communications box) to populate with MPEG2 16x9 SD files. We pull the MPEG2 "broadcast" files directly off the server, copying them into our Edius projects, then we bring them into our bin for editing.

    Since the switch, the MPEG files are not playing back correctly, with the video going to green upon scrubbing, and no audio.

    We had no problem with the MPEG files when they were 4x3 MPEG2 files.

    I'm wondering if other Fox NewsEdge affiliates with similar workflows (that pull files directly off their iPumps into Edius) are having the same problems and what they did to fix the problem.

    In searching the forms here, it seems the general consensus is that the "green video" problem is either a corrupt MPEG2 file or a slow hardware problem. I'm quite confident that it's not a hardware problem as it is happening on all our systems of different vintages, so I'm leaning toward a corrupt file issue or perhaps a setting issue.

    I also tried the suggestion of turning on "dont use PTS" in the plugin settings, which does make Edius play the video, but the audio is then out of sync.

    Clicking "Convert" fixes the problem, however it would be time killer if we had to do that with each and every file we use off the iPump system.

    So... any advice would be helpful and appreciated at this moment. I am also contacting Wegner to see perhaps it is a hardware issue on the box itself.

    Thomas E Morales
    Executive Producer, Operations
    KCOY & KKFX Television
    Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, CA
    [email protected]