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Scale or rotate video in Edius 4.51c

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  • Scale or rotate video in Edius 4.51c

    I am playing around with Edius 4.51c and cannot find an option that will allow to scale or rotate the video. I'm pretty adept in Premiere Pro 2 and this option is usually in "Effects control". I spent 30 minutes looking for it in Edius but with no avail? Also the palletes seem to dissappear everytime I accidentaly click on the monitor, there's no way to dock them?


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    3dpip for scale + rotate
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      Also palettes are easily dockable. How do you have it set up and what do you mean they "disappear" when clicking on the monitor? 1 monitor or 2?


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        how do you do this?
        what is 3dpop?

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          Originally posted by tryingtolearn View Post
          how do you do this?
          what is 3dpop?
          3D PIP is in the keyers list of the effects panel, drop it onto the keyer track of the clip, then double click in info palette and then make the adjustments you need
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            you really need to go to 6.5, the layouter is unlimited skilled, awesome tool
            with infinite power...


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              he, he... LOL

              = ooooold thread from anno 2007

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              = Neo 3.5 (and tryingtolearn) have the same full unlimited skilled, awesome tool ... named Layouter

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