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  • Edius Videocard-plugin table

    I will like to figure out which software work with which card (YES/NO), and how it runs (real time, no reltime, rendering)
    Considering editing in SD on a e6600 dualcode system and 1gb of ram minimum config, could you help to complete this table? or if you want you could add your videocard.
    I will like to no end up like last time i've spend 300 euro for a 4600 and end-up not having xplode realtime (but it was a long ago)

    --------------------- HL2speed - euro ----- Xplore -----Red Blue------------- Vitascene --- Reported

    geforce 8600 GT------105 ---- 90 -------- ??? -------- ??? ------------------ ???
    geforce 8600 GTS-----121 --- 150 -------- ??? -------- ??? ------------------ ???
    geforce 8800 GTS ----178 --- 240 -------- ??? -------- ??? ------------------ ???
    Ati HD 2600 XT 128bit-123 ---- 90 -------- ??? -------- ??? ------------------ ???
    Ati X 1950 PRO--------130 --- 130 ---------???----------???---------------- ???
    Ati X 800XL ----------------------------YES(Realtime) -----???--------------YES(Realtime) --- Angelo
    Ati X1650Pro --------------------------------- ??? ---------- ??? ------------------- jerki ----- Angelo

    here is where i've fount Half life speed test(HL2speed)

    Con le serie GeForce 8600 GTS, GT e GeForce 8500 GT, NVIDIA propone nuove schede video destinate alla molto ambita fascia media del mercato, ora compatibili con le API Microsoft DirectX10 e destinate a sostituire soluzioni ormai mature e giunte alla fine del loro naturale sviluppo. Ecco il report dei nostri test, condotti a confronto con schede di pari livello

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    What effects in Vitascene and resolution (SD or HD) did you get RT with?

    With SD and Film Look filters I get RT with Vitascene with the ATI X800XL. All Xplode effects in SD are RT. I don't have RED or BLUE.

    I have an office system that has a ATI X1650Pro that I tested in my editing system. The DVStorm2 overlay was jerky with Vitascene buffer pre-fill (tried all 3 overlay modes) and I had no RT with Vitascene, didn't test Xplode.

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    Canopus/GV: DVStorm2 w/component-out board, ADVC300, Edius 4.61, ProCoder 3.05, Imaginate2
    System: MSI B75A-G43 (v2.0), i7-3770K, 4GB, HD6850, Pyro1394 pci-e, 6 Disks 2.4TB non-raid, Win7-32bit, Dell 24" & 19" LCD


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      Angelo, X800XL is very good. X1650 has 128bit memory, which makes it not good for videoediting. There is no such a card that will make Boris RED work in RT. Boris Blue can make some RT... not much and olnly with few nvidia card models. I am not think of Blue as serious application- I would call it "advanced toy". But nice one.
      So, make your mind- Xplode's or Blue... For Vitascene 512 mb is better, and I belive, it will be very good with X2900 series, but I did not tested it yet.
      Asus P8P67, Intel i7 2600K working at 4.50 Ghz, 16Gb Kingston RAM, Windows 7 64bit, 500Gb system drive, 320Gb Data drive and 1TB RAID-0 for AV, Edius NX Express, EVGA nVidia GTX 570 2.5CB DDR5, 750w ALTEC power and some creativity...


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        I don't have non of this cards , but it will be nice to know if I buy one of this what application I can run in realtime.