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Edius 6.5 and 4:2:2 XDCAM

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  • Edius 6.5 and 4:2:2 XDCAM

    I have recently switched from P2 to Sony XDCAM, and have found a minor annoyance that is puzzling. When I use the OPEN FILE function in the Edius Bin and choose an XDCAM SxS card (or copy thereof), Edius puts two copies of each clip in the bin. The duplicate copy has a "524" designation showing in the upper right portion of the duplicate icon. I don't really need two copies, so what is the solution ?

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    Why don't you use the source browser?
    That's the way it works!

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      Originally posted by witchdoctor View Post
      ... Edius puts two copies of each clip in the bin ... I don't really need two copies, so what is the solution ?
      It's because (amongst other things) the XDCAM data structure contains both the raw media file and a metadata file that references the raw media, and EDIUS recognises both of them as valid and so imports them both. The solution, as Andreas said, is to use the Source Browser to import your media as that will bring in only 1 media reference per clip.

      For 99.9% of users Source Browser is supreb, but if you happen to be in the unlucky 0.01% then you should be aware that the version that comes via Source Browser is the one that comes via the metadata file reference ... which means you may not be able to later move your project timeline into any other app if that target software does not recognise those same metadata files as valid media references. If that's you, then you can just use Windows Explorer to collect (via search) and display only the media files in your XDCAM SxS card (or copy thereof) and simply drag them into your Project Folder/Bin. Not as pretty a method a Source Browser, but it works.

      Hope it helps


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        Like Andy said. The following is for UDF files. For FAT 32 files I think you're stuck. Use Sony's XDCam browser 2.1 and the appropriate driver(s). There're free downloads in the SONY support area. You can copy the files wherever you want using the XDCam browser 2.1. Then open the copied clip folder, sort by type, shift click to select a string of one type (I prefer the mxf files) and then you can pull in just one version of your clip. This works for "drag and drop" into the bin, the right click shortcut in the bin's "open file", copy and paste, or drag straight from the XDcam browser's bin to the EDIUS bin. This works much like the old P2 Select and P2 Viewer, but of course with a Sony twist.
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