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Consolidating Edius Projects/K2 Server

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  • Andy
    That should work in theory ... but beware issues like media extents that could change should your archivists backup/restore only partial files (which is common practice), plus any likely filename changes that can occur. I'd suggest you check with the relevant departments/sections to find out their practices. Remember that whilst Edius can Import and Export EDL's (which work according to unique Reel Name and Timecode combinations) it does not itself work that way. It works via Filename and Offsets.

    Regardless of what you find out, you'll definitely want to fully test your proposed workflow with some non-essential sample projects before you commit to it for all future projects.

    Hope it helps

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  • ddemarco
    started a topic Consolidating Edius Projects/K2 Server

    Consolidating Edius Projects/K2 Server

    I'm currently running Edius 6.03. I'm wondering if there is any real need to consilidate a project when 95 percent of my footage is accessed through a K2 Server. At the TV station I work at, everything is loaded on to the K2 Server, which is archived elsewhere. Any older footage is always recalled from archive.
    If I keep a file with last EDL and any other source material (generally voiceovers and music), couldn't I then just reconnect to video on the server?
    I'm assuming Edius would need to rerender everything, but wouldn't this be the same as consolidating? I'm trying to avoid writing hours of footage to my drive (local storage).
    Any thought or suggestions?