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speed change bug?

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  • speed change bug?

    If I'm editing a wedding, I prefer all clips to be below 100% speed. In previous versions of Edius, I could add a clip to the time line, press my shortcut for speed change, enter a number and press enter.

    Edius 4.51c only lets you do this on video track 1.
    If I have track 2 mapped (or any other track appart from track 1), drop down a clip and press shortcut for deal.
    This normally wouldn't bother me much, but because I do it so quickly, I press the shortcut for speed change and nothing happens, meanwhile in my haste to get things done, I type in say "90" whilst looking at my number pad, press enter,only to find that the timeline cursor has jumped to the beginning at 90 frames. SO ANNOYING!!!

    Thats my gripe for the day :)
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    Need a bit more info:

    1. Are you using the default speed shortcut (alt+e), or did you change it to something else?

    2. When you say "mapped," are you saying you've selected the "V" button to ensure that all clips are place only on that track?

    For what it's worth, I tested this in v4.52 and it appears to work ok.


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      I don't think it has anything to do with Edius 4.5x. It works fine here. I can change speed on any track. I am suspecting some kind of strange setting.


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        4.52 !!!!!! wow. What's it like Kenneally.
        After all the bugs in 4.50 etc I'm sure things must be nearly sorted now. Does the new Edius stand the test?
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          Thanks for the support - It works fine on one machine, but not another. I have changed the shortcut keys (to control t) - And yeah, when I say mapped, I mean the V is highlighted for that track so that "add to time-line" shortcut auto places the clip on that track.

          4.52???? I'm gonna check the website.....
          When I go out, I wear my EDIUS T-Shirt.


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            Originally posted by mattmatt
            4.52???? I'm gonna check the website.....
            You can look but you won't find it. It won't be available publically until the first week of October at this stage.