I have some noisy footage which I export as Wav and process with Isotope RX2. work great at reducing the hum and such. I save the processed audio and import back into my project. Ungroup the clip, delete the original audio and drag the new audio to the time line. however, after I do this, I get a little red box on the video track and audio track with a number like -35 on video and +35 on audio. I don't see anything that looks out of synch even when I set resolution to 1 frame. What is it, should I be concerned, and how do I fix it if necessary?

Thank you.

PS-I take it back. I was only looking at the beginning of the clip at 1 frame. at the end, the audio is now a little longer. what is going on?? What do I do now?

The extra audio was silence from 43:09:07 to 43:09:08. I split the time line and deleted that section but when I regroup, I still get that red box and the same +/- 35 on the 2 tracks.

No idea what's going on. appreciate your help.