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6.52 update not exporting working L/R files????

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  • 6.52 update not exporting working L/R files????

    Ok, so this very important feature worked properly(to a degree) before the update, now i updated and i can(kind of) export L/R but it will not play in anything- its broken and this is a very important feature, i mean.. it is the 3D feature after all.

    does not work in the following
    windows player(and this worked before)
    POWER DVD11 and up(this is very important)

    i would really like to know how to get this fixed or if there is a patch to correct this.

    thanks guys

    here are two images of two of my timelines, one is a z10000 shot project and one with old JVC 3D.

    the Z10000 project opens up but no longer recognizes the STEREOSCOPIC EXPORT, it worked before the update.

    the JVC project recognizes it and it exports to Dual L/R, but it doesnt play back in anything, not even the powerdvd 11 software that supports 3D

    *UPDATE - the update must have reset the options, i went back into the z10000 project, settings and enabled the setereoscopic option, so that works now.

    Not only does this not work anymore, the export and compatibility with Dual L/R and windows player still doesn't work, and it worked before. See this thread about this issue.

    both projects now dont export properly in dual L/R, like they did before, this is kind of important for 3D, you know what i mean.
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    Can you explain exactly what you are doing? I just tried what I think you did, and I got a usable PCM WAV audio file.


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      I am trying to export my projects, like i have been doing before and they dont work like the used to, since i updated to 6.52

      The 3D function that this software sold me on for some reason doesnt work anymore, and now i need to figure out how to get this to work or else i'm ******.
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        I think you should:
        1 do not use previous presets. Go to the H264/avc exporter
        2 Make sure the project is Stereoscopic.

        All is available to me when doing point 1 and 2

        And also please use the attach function thanks.

        Files created playback in VLC and Quicktime without an issue.
        Attached Files
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          I already changed the project setting, that works.
          I will reset the presets, thanks.

          also VLC and QUICKTIME dont play 3D - i mean i'm glad they(VLC, QUICKTIME) play Dual L/R in those(still dont play in regular windows player :( like it once did, will this option ever comeback?)

          I just exported a Dual L/R - mind you i used old presets, and it doesnt work in anything. I will reset presets and do another L/R

          *UPDATE - i just exported with new L/R preset, still does not work in POWER DVD 11/12 (crashes within a second), works now in VLC, QUICKTIME, still not WINDOWS Player
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            I know but I want to make it clear so there isn't any confusion because you linked to an old thread.
            You should not reset a preset but use the top exporter to have every thing correct and use 6.52 settings.

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              ^i only pointed to the old thread about the issue with windows player, so other users are not confused about what i was writing about. So instead of having to post about it in some other reply in this thread, i chose to do it right away. In reference to the fact that WIndows player still doesn't play these files, it did before - is this function going to return?

              I have deleted old presets that i had in the old project already, and used the 6.52's top Dual L/R to get one new file - that new test file as of now, does not run in Power DVD11/12 not in 2D or 3D - it just crashes at start. I am sending the file over to a friend who has Power DVD and he will test it as well.


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                I only addressed the not beeing able to export.
                You can now....

                As for the exported file not playing in Power DVD please contact tech support.

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                  it exports, but doesnt meant its working 100%, i will contact tech support