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Creating a soft edge around clip?

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  • GrassValley_SL
    Think you need to watch the tutorials and check the manual. Get the EDIUS way.
    This will save you lots of posts and lots of time. :)

    Use the Mask filter.

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  • walkabout
    started a topic Creating a soft edge around clip?

    Creating a soft edge around clip?

    I want to have an image burn through a section of another.
    I want the image to have a irregular outline, a freehand type eclipse with a soft blured edge.
    When I use Liquid XE, I can use a keyer which has a freehand tool, which you draw around your image, created a mask, invert it, add soft edge...done in 30 seconds!
    Can Edius do something similar.
    I have tried Layouter and I can get the image with a soft edge, but it is even all around the image.