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Edius 4.5X or PRE PRO 2X

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  • skier-hughes
    I went from Storm Prem 6.5 to NX and Edius 4.51.
    I've found it relatively easy to get to grips with and have found some things that are far superior to Prem, but then again there are a few things I miss.
    I haven't tried PPro in any form, so don't know how well it performs now.
    My system was very stable.
    My new system is very stable.
    I'm more than happy with the choice I've made and am not interested in changing.

    Hope that helps.


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    All have their strengths and weaknesses. I like FCP for some projects, and Edius for other projects. I haven't been hanging around with Premiere Pro and haven't done any full projects on PPro CS3 yet, just a few tests. I just use all the other Adobe CS3 apps except Premiere Pro. But if my only choice was PPro CS3, I wouldn't have any issues with it because it's a very good NLE.

    I don't know, it's like asking what flavor ice cream you like :)
    I like many :)

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  • Raja
    Looking at your signature, you have Edius, Final Cut Pro 2 and Premiere CS3.

    Which one of the 3 do you prefer?

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    Premiere Pro is at v3 already.

    Honestly you need to give Edius 4.5 trial and Premiere Pro CS3 a try and see for yourself. Install both on your computer and give them a go. Under OHCI you will be fine for testing.

    Edius 4.5 is absolutely great for what you want to do...give the demos a try.

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  • Imagine Video
    started a topic Edius 4.5X or PRE PRO 2X

    Edius 4.5X or PRE PRO 2X

    My first post here and I hope you Edius users have the info I need.

    I have been a Canopus convert for some time....well namely Storm and Storm 2 with Premier 6.5 and I have been a little inactive in my business since I have had a little boy.

    Now I have just sold a lot of my SD camera gear and I have opted for 2 Sony HDV cameras and I am hoping to choose an edit system.

    I have a MOTROX RTX100 EXTREAM card running prem pro 2 and I have a storm card which will be running EDIUS 2.5

    YES I know I am more than behind here!!!! but I need to try both PPRO 2 and EDIUS to try and get a feel for either.

    LONG WINDED but my qusetion is How many on here migrated from MATROX/ prem pro to EDIUS and why. I am trying to make as an informed decision as I can.......

    Some of the feedback from dealers here in the UK is that EDIUS is not asked for very often and thats a good indicator of how the industry views the programme.

    I have procoder 1.5 also and I just feel that Canopus / Grassvalley products are very stable and I find Premier rather unstable at times.

    I realise I will have to buy a complete new pc to run the new hardware software, but I will tackle that when I can choose the software I feel best with

    My main work is domestic video production / weddings / parties and I have ventured into light corporate work.

    Any perspectives on this would be great!