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  • jonandmarkuk
    Sounds similar to what used to happen with Edius. Can you try reactivating the software?
    Not having Lets Edit it's hard to know if the problem is the same. Sometimes Edius used to do the same if DIVX got updated.

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  • cmhoyling
    Guest started a topic Help with Lets Edit

    Help with Lets Edit

    Hi Guys, I realise this is a fairly basic question and probably out of place in any of these forums, but i am at my wits end with Lets Edit. I have had this product for 3 years and have been using it almost daily over the past month or so. All of a sudden the program won't open and just tells me that the serial number is not effective. I have uninstalled, reinstalled numerous times and know that the program has been activated. Why has this happened out of the blue when we have made no changes to the system. I have contacted local support, but as of yet there are no solutions. Someone please help??>>??