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6.52 and Windows 8

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  • 6.52 and Windows 8

    I am going to test 6.52 on Windows 8 in my old testing machine.
    When moving to a new powerful machine, it's fine for me in deactivating EDIUS 6.52. Unfortunately, I don't know how to deactivate Windows 8 and reinstall it again in the new machine.

    Does anyone know how to move Windows license to a new machine?

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    Since this is for testing, I would not activate Windows 8 or Edius. Both can be used in trial mode. With Windows retail keys you get multiple activations (the exact number varies) so eve if you wind up moving to the test system permanently there is no need to deactivate Windows on the old system. Windows OEM keys are tied to a specific machine and can't legally be moved to a different system.


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      I think it's changed though, Win 8 automatically activates
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        Originally posted by shueardm View Post
        I think it's changed though, Win 8 automatically activates
        Once you refuse Internet connection it might give you a trail, or lock up :)
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          Thanks for all answers.
          I know in case of Windows 7, but not sure for Windows 8.
          Today I try with Windows 8 Preview version, it works fine for EDIUS 6.51/52 and 3D project. I will definitely move to Windows 8 once available.