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  • 6.51 DVD Import

    Hi all any one know why I can't import an unencrypted DVD with 2.31seconds of video...when I transfer to bin it comes back as 1 second!! plays fine in everything else!

    Edit Anything ...not again!! Think 5.5 is looking better!! Since I have done 6.51,
    I have hit many bumps....

    John Donlevie
    Edius 6.51
    Philly, PA
    Edius 7.53 HDSpark, I7920, GTX470 Win7 64

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    Try this:
    System settings-> importer/exporter-> audio cd/dvd

    Select reconstruct file and try again.

    If you are coming from version 5 you better start by watchni the free tutorials of EDIUS 6
    Links available in the tutorial sticky.

    Get Support or the Latest version of EDIUS:
    EDIUS support and Downloads


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      Try bypassing the DVD Import, take the .VOB file for the title, rename it to .MPG and add it to your bin.


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        Many players are more flexible than the spec has been designed
        & those are may able to play discs which not matching the DVD spec by 100%.
        So, don't blame EDIUS when such a discs will not work.

        If the above methods will not work,
        try the following tiny tool for demuxing the streams:
        PgcDemux demuxes a DVD/VOB,IFO (PGC) in its elementary streams, video(m2v), audio(ac3,wav,dts,mpa) and subtitles(sup).

        Andreas Gumm
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        Windows 7 Ultimate,
        GV software: EDIUS 7.42, VisTitle v2.5,
        GV hardware: 3G Storm
        software SONY DoStudio Indie + EX 4.0.11
        PC 2
        Intel Core i7-3770, GIGABYTE Z77X-UD5H F14, 16GB RAM,
        Geforce 650 GTX, 5x HDD, Windows 7,
        GV software: EDIUS 7.42, ProCoder 3.0
        GV hardware: HD SPARK
        software: Telestream Switch, DTS-HD MAS, Dolby Media Meter


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          Thanks folks...renaming is the same result 1 frame comes in and reconstruct is already checked...Problem solved...went right into Premiere...
          Philly, PA
          Edius 7.53 HDSpark, I7920, GTX470 Win7 64


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            What I am finding is when I hit these bumps in Edius, Adobe and other apps handle it fine.... It used to be the other way!
            Philly, PA
            Edius 7.53 HDSpark, I7920, GTX470 Win7 64


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              I have 4 versions of Edius running on 3 machines, while 5.51 does a lot of things that were removed, it doesn't do a lot of things that have been added since 6.x.
              As Steve said, if you are coming from 5.51 you need to watch the 1 hr tutorial.
              It will save your butt in the long run. Some functions have changed and some totally removed.
              To import information from a CD or DVD or BD, you need to use the Source Browser as opposed to the old import cd/dvd panel in 5.51.

              Edius 5.51 Disc Capture
              Disc Capture.png

              Edius 6.x and 6.52 Source Browser Disc Importer
              Source Browser settings.pngSource Browser Import.pngSource Browser Bin Window.png

              As soon as the percentage hits 100% you can play the file in Edius 6.x or 6.52.

              I would say that when you hit bumps and it works in Premiere, you probably know more about Premiere than you do Edius 6.52.
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