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Burning several DVDs with PCE in Edius 4.6

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  • Burning several DVDs with PCE in Edius 4.6

    Hi everyone
    I'm still an old camper enjoying amateur DV video editing using Edius 4.6 with Dvstorm and occasionally exporting my (typically one-hour) films on DVD for friends.
    With the in-built Procoder Express (PCE) for Edius, I simply convert to mpeg2 and subsequently trigger the burning process (after taking care to save the converted file, just in case I would neeed to burn another extra DVD). All is fine.
    Now my problem comes the day I want to burn one additional DVD of a previously converted film. Knowing where the converted file has been previously saved, I thought it should just be a trivial process.
    Yet if I open PCE for Edius, it just proposes me to convert again, and I cannot find how to ask it to rather launch directly another DVD burning of my already converted file saved in a known ‘XXXfilm’ folder (its VIDEO_TS folder containing a VIDEO_TS.BUP files, a VTS_TS.IFO file, a VTS_01_0.BUP file, a VTS_01_0.IFO file, and four VTS_01_X.VOB files with X= 1 to 4). [/FONT][/SIZE]
    There should be a simple way, but I’m stupidly stuck there. Thank you in advance for your guidance.
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    You can use something like ImgTool Classic to convert the DVD folder structure to an ISO file that you can then burn to disk using your burning app of choice.

    If you don't have a burning app yet, download ImgBurn, it can both burn ISOs as well as DVD folder structures.


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      Click the Start Burtton, Programs, ProcoderExpress for EDIUS, procoder Express for EDIUS DVD, browse for the VIDEO_TS folder that you stored and burn as usual

      or use ImgBurn (free) or Nero Burning Rom
      Anton Strauss
      Antons Video Productions - Sydney

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        Indeed I thought about trying to use an alternative burning program, but I remembered reading a long time ago that there was a possibility offered by PCE itself. As usual Anton's memory is unbeatable, the trick is that there is a specific 'Procoder Express for EDIUS DVD Burning' to open.
        Thanks THoff and Anton